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The Penguin Agency: Gary's Quest - Part 1

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The Penguin Agency: Gary's Quest - Part 1

Post  Ccpenguin8 on 11/7/2013, 11:44 am

Part 2 of the series

A note on copyright: I have decided to publish this series on the blog Club Penguin Kingdom, so partial copyright credit goes to them. Smile

It had been a very long day for the fish shop on the ice lake behind the Ski Lodge. The fisherpenguins that worked for the establishment had brought home about ten yellow fish, one rare grey fish and a mullet. The mullet sold instantly to a family of hungry penguins who weren't in the mood for pizza at the Pizza Parlour. The grey fish was snapped up by the Pizza Parlour itself for the daily toppings, two of the yellow fish were taken and divided between the four fisherpenguins as payment, one of the yellow fish was taken by the manager for her dinner, and so what was left was seven yellow fish (the least quality fish round) on Fishing Day - where penguins would be encouraged to catch their own fish, so only one or two of the remaining seven actually sold. So, the shop made 700 coins that day, instead of 1,650 as they normally would.

However, not even the manager knew that the fish shop was really just a cover story for the Penguin Agency - the most classified and high-tech secret agency on the island. For in fact, if a penguin was to go into the STAFF ONLY manager's office, go into the storeroom on the right, push aside a crate of fish to reveal a manhole, open said manhole and climb down the steps, walk along the tunnel into a cloakroom, pull back a wooly coat and push a false wall to reveal more of the tunnel and then walk along the remaining stretch of tunnel, they'd be faced with a re-inforced steel door. By now, you will have probably realised that that penguin had now gone through an underground tunnel from the Ski Lodge to several feet beneath the Sports Shop (now being rebuilt as the Everyday Phoning Facility). If the three cameras on the door recognised the penguin as an agent and so did the voice-pattern sensors, a keypad would be revealed. If the penguin entered the correct 7-digit code, a signal would be sent to the security computers and the door would slide back with a pneumatic hiss, granting this outsider access to the Penguin Agency HQ. 

This elaborate system was impossible to bypass, so it was of course designed by Gary the Gadget Guy - the Penguin Agency's faithful director. He is, of course, the hero of this story.

Chief of Operations, Borse, drained his coffee mug and pushed aside his plate of fish. He squirmed slightly in his brown leather swivel chair and placed his flippers on the oak table. A report had just come in with grave news. Gary was missing. He was last seen in the Forest, testing some kind of contraption that would map the Wilderness of Club Penguin once and for all. Probably just entangled in the woods, thought Borse. Apparently the penguin who had written the report agreed. A Snow Trekker was sent out and transmitted live photos back to base every hour, but there was still no sign of him. Borse sighed. He sent a quick memo up via EPOL, and plucked his Spy Phone from his pocket to assemble a search team. Time to call in the best of the best.


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