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Secret of the Shadow Ninjas - Continuation

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Secret of the Shadow Ninjas - Continuation

Post  Jet Pack Guy on 15/9/2013, 7:27 pm

Continuing the original story. n_n

NOTE: I, or my character doesn't talk in this.
-- Chapter 1 : Entering the Snow Dojo. --

I stood outside the Dojo. I knew it was nearly here. I would soon have completed my amulet.
I walked over towards the stone. It lifted up, and so I crouched down to voyage into the Ninja Hideout, unaware of what awaited me.

I noticed something strange. The Snow piece on the Amulet in the middle was glowing, yet that was impossible. Card Jitsu Snow was not out yet! The Entrance to the Snow Dojo lifted up. Curiosity got the best of me, and I wandered in. 

-- Chapter 2 : Secrets that lie ahead. --

It was covered in snow. Everywhere. It was very difficult to make my way through. However, using my previously earnt Fire Suit, I had melted enough snow away for me to get through.

I looked around the Dojo. It seemed quite...empty. All that was their was the Sensei's pillow. Nothing else, other than Snow.

-- Chapter 3 : The Entrance. --

I decided after investigating around a bit me, there was nothing interesting in the Dojo yet. So I went back into the Ninja Hideout.

Once again, something very strange happened. The black piece in the middle of the amulet entrance rose up, and all the other Elements glowed brighter than before. I peeped inside the door to the middle piece, but it was too dark for me to see anything.

I found myself being pushed into the darkness as soon as I peeped inside; but who pushed me in? 

Chapter 4 : --Elements in Harmony.--

It was too late for me to turn around. It was like the door was a portal to a void. 

A light flickered in the distance. I pulled out my Spy Phone as the only light I could have used, and shined it onto the light.

It appeared to be the very amulet used for Card Jitsu. I ran for it, but it moved. How was that possible? I reached for it again, nearly grabbing the string. Was it taunting me?

Finally, I had grabbed the Amulet. Once I got a closer look, I realized that this was the Sensei's very own amulet. On the back was his signature.

All but one element glowed in the void, and it was then that it spouted a burst of colour. Red, Blue and White. However, the 'Shadow' piece did nothing. It did not glow, and it did not spout anything. Was it a fake? 

Chapter 5 : --Piecing it together--

The colours wrapped around me in surprise. It was like I was trapped in a Rainbow; but then, a white flash. I was back in the Ninja Dojo, but it was very different. It looked as if it was abandoned. The gongs were no longer gold - they had rusted to a bronze. 

The Martial Arts store had crudely nailed pieces of wood over it, with 'CLOSED' written over it. 

And the Amulet in the middle was sparking.

I went into the Dojo Courtyard, and saw as I saw before. The door to the inside of the Dojo had wooden planks on the floor - presumably they had fell of and were meant to make sure no one got into the Dojo.

The Tripod had it's screen ripped to bits and the stand was on the ground.

I walked into the Dojo ; it was a horrible sight.

Almost all of the paint was chipped off, the mats were torn to shreds...

but as I looked at the pillow, the Sensei was sat there. Not moving.

I slowly walked towards him, and dared to put my flipper on him.

He fell over as if he was a plastic statue, glaring at the floor.

I noticed the amulet from before glowing again. I put it around Sensei's neck; after all, it was his.

Chapter 6 : -- The Sensei Awakening--

His eye's began to open, and he rubbed his eyes.

"Wh...what happened?"

I shrugged, and pointed at the chipped walls.

His face dropped.

"It's...it's coming back to me...the Shadow ninjas...taking over..."

A look of surprise appeared on my face. Was this a future of Club Penguin? Me and the Sensei walked out to the Dojo Courtyard, and glared down at the rest of Club Penguin.

It was ruined.

"They know we're here." He said. "Come with me."

I followed after Sensei, into the Ninja Hideout. We walked over to the Martial Arts store.

He pressed a button that had blended in with the rest of the store - and we fell down a chute.

"Welcome, to the Sensei Dojo."

Chapter 7 : --Harmony in Action--

Stood before me was a crowd of Sensei's, all penguins. They were not native to Club Penguin Island, however they were still our kind.

"These are all the other penguin Sensei's. They will aid us in bringing harmony back to Club Penguin." he spoke, as each one greeted me.

"They train other penguin's in elements such as Air, Earth, and the one that shall bring the island back to harmony...Power." He spoke silently, as he pulled out a Power card. This was not like the normal power card. It glowed a deep white. "In the wrong hands, it can be used for selfish, evil purposes." He said as the card turned from the bright white to a shadowy black.

A Sensei spoke out; "And this is what you think the Shadow ninja's have done?" he said, interrupting the Sensei.

"I am afraid so. And if they find more...every island in the ocean shall be doomed."

A number of gasps and murmurs were heard among the Senseis.

"What will we do? We can't just walts up to them and ask to stop this." Joked one Sensei, with a black beard and eyebrow.

"Simple. We trick them into wearing out the power. The Power cards do not last forever.
Only one does, and I have it right here." Spoke Sensei proudly, only to hold nothing in his flipper.

Once again gasps and murmurs were heard.

"Follow me. I...I sense that something bad is about to happen.

Chapter 8 : --The Shadow--

We all followed Sensei back to the Martial Art's store, and we went back to the Dojo Courtyard.

"Off in the distance, I see something!" pointed out a Sensei. It was a red glowing light.

"Should we check it out?" Said another one.

"I think we should, my friends. We must stop the Shadow Ninja's!"

We slid down from the Dojo Courtyard back to down on the island until we got to the bomb. There was a entire army of Shadow Ninja's.

We slowly walked, trying to avoid making a single sound.


One of us had stood on a twig, and we knew they had spotted us.

The other Sensei's ran back in horror. These guy's must have been tough. Only me and Sensei remained.

"Don't bother getting the others. Throw these two into the Shadow."

Me and Sensei both looked at each other with a 'what?' expression on his face.

"What is the Shadow? What have you done?!" Shouted Sensei, boiling red.

"You should know. After all, you created it." Said a Shadow Ninja as they threw us in.

Chapter 9 : --Escaping the Shadow--

We floated about in 'The Shadow'. It took us a while to find ground, but we finally found it.

Sensei murmured something under his breath. Something about it being his fault.

However, we knew that the battle was not over. Out of nowhere, an glowing amulet dropped.

It was the same one I put on Sensei earlier - one of the Ninjas must've took it off.

I pulled my amulet. It was glowing. We put them on in unison, and the same colours that flashed before my eyes earlier were lifting us up into the light - presumably, Club Penguin.

However, as soon as the tip of our heads touched the light, the colours flashed, stronger than before.

This time, it appeared we were luckily in the same future, but hidden under the counter of the Martial Arts store. They hadn't noticed.

Sensei took off his hat, and the tip of it landed next to the Shadow Ninja.
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