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Post  ADDOriN on 8/11/2012, 11:37 pm

Hi Club Penguin CP. My name is Vasil (aka ADDOriN, AtIlA, Darnakkus, Rupertis, Archimoon). I am 18 years old (born 26.08.1994) and i live in Eastern Europe in the country of Bulgaria. I am player of Club Penguin since many years now and i still enjoy it doing so (even when the game is created for kids i play many other PC games but my favourite social free is CP) and Club Penguin CP makes my life easier with its tools, information (before official release), cheats, codes and many more. For me Club Penguin CP is the best known and mosly used CLub Penguin related website for news, tools and everything else. Im using the website since many years now but now i finally desided to join the forum and be active from now on into it.
Now more about me - I listen Drum and Bass, DubStep, DrumStep, Rock and Rap music.
I love watching movies when i have free time from school and my personal life.
I am working as Graphics, Movie and Web Designer for free for everyone who want and need help related with those.
I love playing MMORPG, FPS and other games on my PC and Handheld.
I am working in one multi gaming community as administrator and supervisor.
I take place in alot of website's, forums and other communities.
I love playing World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Call of Duty Series, Battlefield Series, League of Legends, Need for Speed Series, every single game created from Valve Corporation and many other games that i cannot find in my mind right now.

But thats just a small bite from my personality and what i am.
Here i am ADDOriN in Club Penguin CP. I'm glad to finally take part of the community. In the mean time if someone want to find me in Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Google Mail, Xfire, Steam, YouTube Channe, WeGame, Raptr and the multi gaming clan - Combat KingZ.

Alright guys i'll be around!

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Re: Hello

Post  Gotchee on 9/11/2012, 4:05 pm

Wow, that's a pretty big intro! Anyway, welcome to TNCPCP! Before starting posting, read the rules , beginners guide, etc. Have fun!

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Re: Hello

Post  Ccpenguin8 on 9/11/2012, 7:49 pm

Wow, you're even older than me, and I'm a staff member here...

Anyway, hello! Welcome to our humble forum - I'm glad you could join. I'm Ccpenguin8, a Super Moderator here. Firstly, let me clarify: we are not Club Penguin CP's Official Forum. The official forum became completely wasted, outdated, and spammed, so we created this forum, which is completely independent from CPCP, although our primary mission (at the moment) is to sustain the CPCP community. Essentially, we're Club Penguin CP Forum's successor. Just so you know.

Moving on, please be sure to read the rules, and before posting anything make sure you read all the stickies/announcements in that section. Usually they're just announcements and notifications (forum contests, parties etc.), but sometimes they contain really useful information, guides and even special rules for that particular section. Based upon your wonderfully detailed introduction, you like video games, right? Why not click the big 'Arcade' button and play some of our FREE built-in games.

If you join our GOLD Membership Club (available in the Forum Shop) then there might be a few more surprises for you about that. Wink Wink Wink

Thanks for joining, and have fun,

Ccpenguin8 Very Happy
TNCPCP Super Moderator (and Community Relations Manager)

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Re: Hello

Post  ADDOriN on 10/11/2012, 6:05 pm

Well thank you for the warm welcome. Yes i am not a small kid and its strange but i still play Club Penguin. Actually im still playing because even my mother is playing it and have fun.
I've already spend my time reading the rules and regulations so dont worry about that.

I'm feeling bad about the real forums of CPCP and this is why i am here. I actually was user of it for years and years but i lost my account detailes and thats why i had to create new account in introduction there. Everything was sooo lost and spammed to top.

This is why i am here.

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Re: Hello

Post  Sindar Toffe on 10/11/2012, 6:10 pm

Welcome to TNCPCP, ADDOri! Make sure to read the Rules and you'll have a great time! I'm Sindar Toffe, one of the Super Moderators here. Feel free to ask me or any Staff member if you have any questions.

We are becoming independent from CPCP on the 20th of December and we are getting our own blog! I reccomend you read it; it's in Rules & Announcements.

Sindar Toffe
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Re: Hello

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