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CPF Forum Glossary - All the definitions you need to know!

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CPF Forum Glossary - All the definitions you need to know!

Post  Ccpenguin8 on 22/4/2013, 8:41 pm

Hello Penguins!

If you're a new member here, or just new to forums in general, some words or 'jargon' might seem a bit jaunting. Here is a friendly guide to some of the basics.

Thread/topic - A thread (often referred to as a topic) is like a page on the forum added by members, which people can reply to and share their opinions on, by clicking 'Post Reply'.

Chatbox - A small box available to members (excluding people who have been banned from it) where they can chat about Club Penguin or just have a good conversation, using an IM system.

Private Message - Sometimes referred to as a PM, Private Messages are the only completely private and secure way of sending messages between members. Use this if you want to discuss something privately with another member, or a moderator.

SPs - SitePoints, often referred to as SPs, are our very own electronic forum currency. You earn SPs every time you post (depending on the length of your post/thread/topic) and when you visit the site. SPs can be spent on items in our forum shop, official and unofficial competitions, graphics shops, or trading with members. You can also win them in contests and raffles/lotteries. For more info, visit our Shop Forum section.

Administrator - An Administrator, or Admin, is the person owns the website and/or has ultimate access to the forum and can change everything. Admins are the head of the forum staff and generally work on developing the website to a standard which they and the members like. Administrators: Maygirl2 (Owner).

Moderator - Moderators, or Mods, are 99% of the rest of the forum staff. They are hired by Maygirl2 (our owner), and it's their job to make sure everyone is following the forum rules and generally being nice and orderly. They are responsible for handling users who break the rules, and also for answering members' questions and being as helpful as they can when doing so. They sometimes help in the minor day-to-day running of the forum too, such as listening and acting upon feedback, and making sure there are plenty of activities for members to do. Moderators: Ccpenguin8 (Super Moderator) and Mango Smango (Moderator).

Rank - Ranks are special titles that go under a member's name, and sometimes come with a special username colour. There are ranks that can be earned by making lots of posts, ranks that can be bought in our forum shop, and ranks that are given to staff members for ID purposes.

Bans, warnings and infractions - These are all punishments issued to rule breakers. A ban involves temporary or permanent suspension/removal from certain parts of the forum, or the forum as a whole. Warnings and infractions normally come in the form of PM, and they do not affect a member's ability to access the forum, but may reduce the chance of being accepted to positions in the staff, and will increase the risk of getting banned.

Sections - Sections, AKA sub-forums, are different categories of the forum for certain discussions. (e.g in the Graphics section, you'd post graphics or graphics shops.)

UOTM - Stands for User of the Month, a monthly award.

Remember that this glossary is a W.I.P, and if anyone can think of any definitions that should be included, please feel free to reply, PM me, or email me at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Best wishes,
Ccpenguin8 Smile

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