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Old CP Staff are Quitting: Why?

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Old CP Staff are Quitting: Why?

Post  Gotchee on 26/10/2012, 10:02 am

So, you have ALL noticed that all the old CP staff, are now ALL gone. Why? Well, I got a small theory.

My theory is pretty simple. DISNEY. Yup, I think the main reason Billybob and Happy have quit is Disney.

Lets take Lane Merrifield for an example. Why leave? First of all, he's single ( No kids/wife to take care of ). Secondly, Club Penguin has made him a millionaire. Apart from his salary, the 350.000.000 dollars Disney payed to buy CP were divided between him, Rsnail, and Gizmo ( So each of them got around 116.000.000 dollars ). After all, we're on a large - scale economic crisis over here. It would be pretty idiotic to abandon your job, just because you're bored of it, ESPECIALLY if it brings in so much cash. You might say '' He left because he wanted to do something more beneficial for the world ''. Well, making Club Penguin was already beneficial for kids all around the globe. Now you might say '' Yeah, I mean something beneficial for everyone, not just kids. ''. Lane is a millionaire. He could always donate a couple of thousands to charity.

Anyway, after Disney ''took over'', it probably started making changed the old founders didn't like. But they didn't react, because '' These guys payed us 350.93 million bucks to buy the game. We're not in the position of telling them what to do''.
So, after all these years being fed up with Disney, Lane decided to do the move. He quit. Getting encouraged by Lane's quitting, Holly ( Happy77 ), decided that it was the right time to quit, too, using that she had to care for their kids, as an excuse. Unlike Lane's , Holly's excuse might sound convincing, but its not, really. Just think about it. Writing on the ''Whats New'' blog, making videos for Club Penguin and logging in the game for once in a while, can't be a really demanding job. After all, she can do all of those things at home.

So, this is my little theory. Please don't start replying that this is all fake and stupid, because its my personal opinion on the matter.


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