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This isn't a leaving thread

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This isn't a leaving thread

Post  Mango Smango on 16/1/2014, 11:00 pm

Hey! As we all know this place is kinda dying, and ever since I joined I've been planning a leaving thread for if I ever quit, where I would thank everyone. So, I am NOT quitting and I am NOT leaving, or resigning as a moderator. But, since it's almost dead here, I thought I'd just say goodbye to you guys, just in case this forum ever randomly gets deleted, or everyone quits or something. Don't worry, I'm not leaving! I may be a little less active though because there's really nothing to do here right now. Anyways, ever since I joined CPCP in August 2011, I discovered a whole new community of people away from Club Penguin. I had no idea a thing like it existed! Soon after I was encouraged to make graphics, start a site, and join twitter and youtube! So basically if I never joined the forum in the first place I wouldn't be here! I probably wouldn't even still be on CP If it wasn't for these forums. Then I joined this forum in August 2012, and it was amazing! I lived my dream of being a moderator, and it's awesome here! The last 2 1/2 years on these forums have been amazing! 

Now here is an extremely long list of people to thank from CPCP and CPF:
-Ccpenguin8: You are awesome! You are the best super mod ever and you are amazing at it! I see you being sucessful in the future:) -Sindar Toffe: I never really knew you that well on here but you are awesome!
-JackPirate45: Your'e awesome too Smile
-Water Guard: You are also awesome Smile
-Maygirl: You made this forum, If it wasn't for you we probably would not be here!
-totelyawsome: You were totally awesome!
-King Kane: I talked to you alot on here!
-DjMichael1 (I think he's now Arctic DJ): You were a great freind on cpcp and here, we always talked and you are really cool! I've missed you on here!
-Christine474: I always looked up to you on CPCP. You inspired me to make graphics and be a mod!
-Austin4606: We always used to talk on CPCP!
-Flippy1899: We talked on CPCP too!
-Wuz Up Dude 6: We always used to talk on CPCP and it was fun!
-Stringman620: I remember you from CPCP, you were nice!
-Nasa10001: I barley remember you because you quit early on when I joined CPCP, But you were awesome!
-Breakthrough: I'm pretty sure you were on CPCP, you were nice!

Sorry If I'm forgetting anyone, huge thanks to evreyone else too Smile.

Twitter: MangoSmangoCP
Youtube: MangoSmango1
Site: clubpenguincheatsbymangosmango.blogspot.com
Forums: This one of course, CPCP, and TCPCF (I'm Mango Smango on all of them)
Club Penguin: Mango Smango
Backup Penguins: Cheese Pizza and MahomieGurl5
Stardoll: RainbowSmiles3
Movie Star Planet: Smilestar

Anyways, thanks for an amazing time on this forum! Lol see you all next time I log on Smile


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