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Rules - Last Updated 17/08/2013

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Rules - Last Updated 17/08/2013

Post  Maygirl2 on 10/7/2012, 1:45 am

Welcome to the forum rules. This is the first thread you should read before posting on Club Penguin Forum (AKA CPF). To make the rules easier to follow, it is broken into sections. To navigate quickly through the thread press Ctrl f on your keyboard and copy and past one of the sections below into the box that comes up.

Latest updates:

  • Removed the appeal policy and punishment guide for revision (17/08/13)
  • Changed S3R6 slightly (17/08/13)
  • S4R4 has been changed
  • New rule implimented

Rules Table of Contents

  • S1-Moderation Rules
  • S2-Profile Rules
  • S3-Post Rules
  • S4-Miscellaneous

S1-Moderation Rules

S1R1: No backseat moderating! Backseat moderating means pretending to be a moderator when you aren't and telling everyone "this thread should be locked" "you need to be banned" moderators can take care of themselves and don't need a million helpers doing their job for them.

S1R2: You can express your disagreement with one of their decisions, and post reasons why, but as long as it stays at that. No flaming or insulting.

S1R3: Don't create threads in the Announcement section unless you are either a) a moderator or super moderator and b) have permission from me.

S2-Profile Rules

S2R1: Do not post anything that breaks any rules within any of the sections you can fill out on your profile

S2R2: Rules Apply in Private Messages. In no way is it allowed that you can swear, be rude or ignore ANY other rules whatsoever.

S2R3: Signature rules, all rules apply for signatures. Do not make your signature picture too big or of any form rude. MAXIMUM OF 2 PICTURES IN YOUR SIGNATURE.

S3-Post Rules

S3R1: No swearing. Certain words are deemed innapropriate in certain areas, but is okay in others. Use common sense with this. If it's offensive to somebody and you are currently talking to them through Profile Message, Private Message or on the Chatbox - don't use it. COMMON SENSE. (See S3R2)

S3R2: Use Common Sense. If a post doesn't seem like a good idea, DON'T POST IT.

S3R3: No flaming. 'Flaming' means being rude and/or harassing other members of the forum at any time.

S3R4: Do not post any inappropriate/malicious pictures and or software. When linking to a download site program of any form do not post a direct download link, but if you must, leave a warning that it IS a direct download

S3R5: This rule is for discussing hacks. It is probably the most complicated, and the rule is this; you are allowed to explain you use a certain CLUB PENGUIN hack, but you aren't allowed to link to it (emphasis on the words CLUB PENGUIN) you can discuss hacks in the way you acknowledge they exist but you can't just start talking about the production/release of a hack. And it's a HUGE no if you host a hacking program(s) on this website. If you have any questions about this rule, use the contact button or PM one of the moderators.

S3R6: If you see a post that violates any rules, do not post about them actually breaking the rule so, use the report button. That's why it's there.

S3R7: No arguing over religion or politics, just state your views on the matters and leave it at that. You can continue discussing it only on the grounds that you will respect everyone else's opinions.


S4R1: Please don't make a really big deal about you and or any other user leaving. If you are leaving just post ONE thread. No polls or multiple threads. And if people plan on leaving, don't beg them to stay, it is a really stupid thing to do.

S4R2: Fake leaving is not tolerated. If you are not 100% sure whether you'll be gone for good, please clarify you MAY OR MAY NOT be back somewhere in your thread. It makes it a lot easier to understand

S4R3: If you want to advertise anything made by you, use your signature. If you want people to see a video, it goes in the video section. If you want people to see a picture, put it in the Graphics section (with credit, of course)

S4R4: Don't share phone numbers, banking details, pictures or addresses to anyone.

S4R5: If you plan to speak or type in another language on this forum, please provide a translation.

S4R5: No provoking attack. If you do not want to be flamed, do not insult the other person. Especially if they have had a previous record for bans. You will recieve and infraction if evidence suggests you provocted an attack.

S4R6: Do not quote posts with more than 50 words, it makes using mobiles a nightmare, so have some consideration, either break the quote down or type in @USERNAME

Last edited by Maygirl2 on 17/8/2013, 6:56 am; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : New rules implimented.)

if i change my title today (21/12/14) how many people would notice?

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